There are plenty of reasons you should include capes in your wardrobe for the upcoming cold season. Capes come in a variety of different colors and styles as well as giving you the freedom of mobility that restrictive traditional coats do not supply. Whether you want something a little more unique than a regular coat, are following fashion trends, or just want something functional and less restrictive, investing in capes will enhance your wardrobe immensely especially for the winter! 

Capes have actually been around since medieval times, often with the combination of a hood on the back. For centuries women would wear capes, quite often adorned with fur, as covers over their dresses because they were able to cover the women’s shoulders while not wrinkling or hiding their dresses. Capes today serve a wide variety of purposes from vestments for clergy, rain gear for military and police, and are very alive in the fashion world.

Choosing the right cape for yourself can be tricky as there are multiple considerations going into it such as cut, style, fabric, and fit. With winter quickly approaching you might want to consider wool as the fabric of choice for your next cape. Wool fabrics are extremely flexible and durable and it is a wonderful insulator as well as being great at absorbing moisture without the garment feeling wet.

There are many different styles of capes to chose from. You might consider going for a capelet, which is a cropped cape that tapers much higher than the classic cape, usually hitting about the elbow. This style looks good over formal dresses and is more so a fashionable accessory. The classic cape is sleeveless that falls above the waist and has a fasten at the neck. Classic capes generally give you a lot of mobility and look good on most body types. If you’re looking for something really warm you might want to go with a full cloak. Cloaks are another type of cape that are generally quite long, ending mid calf or ankle.

If you’re looking for a more unique cape or something even warmer, you might want to consider a hooded cape to keep your head warm in the winter months. Another type of cape you may find you like is ponchos. Ponchos usually are one full piece of fabric with an opening for the head and can come in many styles, colors, and designs. If you’re still questioning whether capes are for you remember adding this timeless garment to your wardrobe is definitely a way to stand out and complete an outfit.