Here at John Hanly we are primarily a wholesaler of Woollen products such as scarves, blankets, throws and headwear. So we decided to highlight some of our wonderful and unique suppliers around the world. In our latest series of blog posts, we will highlight our Irish suppliers who bring our products to you in some of Ireland’s local communities.

Established in 2008 by two jewelers, Clare Grennan and Laura Caffrey, Irish Design Shop is a small business that prides itself on promoting the work of some of Ireland’s most exciting designers. Both Claire and Laura studied at the Institute of Art, Design, and Technology in Dun Laoghaire on the outskirts of Dublin city. The store started with the idea of having both a shop and a workshop to ply their trade.

Laura spoke of her experience with John Hanly “We have been stocking John Hanly since 2009 when we opened our first shop. The herringbone Merino and cashmere scarves have been one of our best sellers since then. We also sell a wide selection of blankets and throws in the shop, with the Merino/ Cashmere blends being top of many customers’ wish-lists. “

The shop aims to bring the traditional methods of Irish design into the modern world. Both Claire and Laura have travelled Ireland far and wide to find the very best designs to add to an eclectic mix of products to its city-center store.

Laura told us regarding the main objectives of the shop “Our number one criteria is that the product is genuinely designed and made right here in Ireland, after that, the product must be aesthetically appealing and well made. Great craftsmanship is top of our list of requirements, preserving the heritage of craft in Ireland is so important to us. We also want our selection of products to be accessible, so like to have a wide price range, ensuring there is something for everyone on offer.”

The Irish Design Shop also provides classes at the weekend including Jewellery making classes and a class that specialises in making your own wedding ring. Also located in the building is a studio to allow fellow designers to create some more unique products.

Laura said regarding the majority of business ” it is our loyal local customer that really keeps the business running throughout the year, returning to us for annual gifts and items for themselves.”

 You can visit the Irish Design Shop website by Clicking here